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2. The user should be responsible in posting advertisement. Using a photo taken from internet (not belongs to you) is not allowed unless you have the permission or authority to use it.
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5. Using of fake names, fake identity and using names of any organizations and business entity that you have no direct relations is prohibited.

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1. Illegal, Pornography, Deceptive websites, or any media with unwanted contents and threats.
2. Selling all kinds of drugs including illegal drugs and paraphernalia’s; medicines and food supplements.
3. Selling weapons, ammunitions, deadly weapons, and any contents or equipment’s used in creating bombs and firearms.
4. Selling liquor, wines, vapes (e-cigarette), and Tabaco cigarettes.
5. Selling or promoting items or website with copyright infringe contents.
6. Selling VPN or Illegal connection of internet and/or network services.